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A Few Words

About our Company

Leut Brac is Croatian private owned company specialized in Synthetic Floor systems. We exclusively represent Herculan Marine, a leading Dutch manufacturer of synthetic flooring. Closely related in marine interior solutions and installations as well as providing different insulation options. We are specialists in shipbuilding of unique and exclusive projects. Our goal is to inspire by our work and we are pride on delivering outstanding quality for our Clients across the world.

What we Do


Herculan Marine Flooring

The good reputation of Herculan ship deck floors is based on its strong focus on quality. Herculan self leveling resin floors are like a duck to water on board of ships and platforms. Developed and produced to deliver under the most extreme conditions, they form a solid base worldwide.

Accommodation outfitting

We provide professional service of consulting and distribution of accommodation outfitting equipment such as fireproof walls and ceilings, internal doors, wet units ect. Upon your request we organize complete process from detailed engineering to the installation.

Insulation & installation

At your request we create an optimal solution and perform the installation process of sound, thermal and fire insulation works in accordance to the required standard. Our expert team will manage all work within the agreed deadline so all future steps could be followed right on time.

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