Different variety and options can find a place in every marine interior & exterior and large pallet of colors will meet every Client’s wishes.

Herculan Marine Eco Teak

Herculan Marine Eco Teak system is a seamless and easy to maintain system with a certain degree of slip resistance. Possible damages can be easily repaired maintaining all unique properties. Eco Teak can be pre-fabricated as well as in-situ installed. It complies to the SOLAS and IMO regulations.

Herculan Marine Deco Deck Soft

Herculan Marine Deco Deck Soft system is a very comfortable floor finish with a high degree of sound reduction. Deco Deck Soft is available in many colours.

Herculan Marine Duty Deck

Herculan Marine Duty Deck system extremely durable, wear resistant and a high degree of slip resistance contribute to a safe and reliable system that meets the strictest requirements. Application areas are for example Ro-Ro-decks and helicopter platforms.

Herculan Marine Deco Deck

Herculan Marine Deco Deck system is available in many colours and varieties. The system is flexible, low maintenance and durable. Can be provided with a safe, nonskid coating.

Herculan Marine Navy Deck

Herculan Marine Navy Deck system has a high degree of wear resistance, is very impact resistant and weather resistant. It is also IMO certified.